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Rep Clothing Store

Purchase of Rep Clothing


Congratulations on being selected to play on one of the Orange Rep teams for 2016 or for putting your hand up to to coach or manage one of these teams. 


We now need to get you kitted out for the season. We have now set up a new on-line shop to manage this process. Please note that each group has some compulsory packages that they must select as well as a range of other optional gear purchases.


Every player, coach and manager must select the compulsory package relevant to them. Note for coaches and managers, the type of package that you select depends on whether or not your team is going to play in the Kanga Cup this year, so please select the appropriate package.


Where appropriate, you must select the required size of the itme that is part of the package. 


The following packages are available



If you have any questions please contact Rob Dawson, ODFA Rep Coordinator on 0488362424. 

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