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Match Day Field Checklist Information

Match Day Check Information for all Clubs



It is a requirement for all clubs to complete a Match Day Checklist for all grounds before play starts. The Match Day Checklist is a pre-game inspection tool for evaluating potential injury and accident causes on and around the player and public areas. It allows club officials to identify safety concerns and record any actions required to address these concerns.


How to undertake the Match Day Check


Get to the ground at least 20 min before the start of the first game at the ground. It is good for the teams to see you doing the check, as it builds parents confidence that their children are being looked after.

Walk the field covering as much of the ground as possible, looking for & picking up foreign objects ( rocks, glass & sticks etc.) Remove anything that you find.


List any hazards found. There should be an action with any hazard (to reduce risk)

How to record the results of the Match Day Check

There are two ways to record the results of the match day check. They are as follows


  • JLT Sport Football Match Day Checklist App

  • JLT Sport Football Match Day Checklist Paper Form


Information about downloading the JLT Checklist App can be found on the JLT Website.


JLT have produced an FAQ document that explains how to use the App. It can also be downloaded from the JLT Website.


If you wish to use the paper based form, it can be downloaded from the JLT Website.


If you complete the paper based form, the form must be handed into the Referees room at Sir Jack Brabham Park or handed into the home ground club. JLT Sport recommends the paper copy of the Match Day Checklist is retained on file for seven (7) years by the home ground club.


If you complete the Match Day Checklist using the App, then a copy is held in the JLT database.




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