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Insurance Details

Special insurance and claim form for MiniRoos Kick-Off players

This important information is for all clubs, associations and program coordinators in relation to MiniRoos Kick-Off player insurance.

We confirm that all MiniRoos Kick-Off (MRKO) players are covered by a special FFA insurance and provide the following information for your reference.  

MiniRoos Kick-Off Insurance Information


  • The injury insurance that covers MRKO players is the FFA Arch Insurance.

  • The Arch Insurance cover only applies to MRKO players, it does not apply to any other players.

  • The Arch Insurance Claim Form is attached and can be provided to parents of MRKO players if an injury occurs.

  • The Arch Insurance Policy Schedule which outlines the cover and claimable benefits is also attached.

  • Physio costs have been added to this policy and are now a claimable benefit under this insurance cover.


MiniRoos Kick-Off claim enquiries


Quote Policy Number:  500000/08/2017/0013

The Insured:   FFA MiniRoos Kick-Off players


Carol van Veen

AJG Sports Claims

Phone 07 3367 5228




MiniRoos Kick-Off Program Enquiries

The MiniRoos Kick-Off Program is an introduction to football program for players aged 3 yrs & over.  For further information click here

To enquire about starting a MiniRoos Kick-Off Program contact the Football NSW MiniRoos Coordinator – or phone 02 8814 4443.


FNSW Injury Insurance

We confirm that the injury insurance provided by FNSW does not apply to players involved in the MiniRoos Kick-Off program and only the Arch Insurance claim form should be provided to parents of those players. The FNSW injury insurance applies to all registered players except MiniRoos Kick-Off players.




The Football NSW Insurance Programme website is provided so that Players & Club Administrators may have immediate access to the policy benefits and procedures of the insurance programme.

Football NSW and Gow-Gates remain committed to providing the football community with a first class Sports Insurance Programme whilst maintaining the affordability of registration.

Whilst the plan provides basic levels of cover for players and others participating in Football, it is not all encompassing (this is necessary to keep the cost of insurance affordable for players) and does not seek to replace the need for private health and other insurances.

Football NSW encourages all players and officials to take out their own private health insurance, life insurance and ‘Top Up’ coverage over and above the coverage provided under this plan. Gow-Gates can assist in regard to ‘Top Up’ insurance and other insurance requirements.


The Gow-Gates website can be found at




Please read the Football NSW Insurance Programme Overview document for information about what is and what isn't covered by the insurance programme. 


If a player is seriously injured during a match or even at training, an insurance claim must be submitted within 120 days from the date of injury. It is the player's or their gaurdians responsibility to submit the claim. 

Details about the claim submission process can be found on the Gow-Gates website





The new Personal Injury claim forms on the Gow-Gates website are the only claim forms to be used or provided to any persons who are injured during the season. Futsal Clubs please note that there is a separate claim form on the site for FUTSAL claims.


The insurance forms can be downloaded from the Gow-Gates website.


Please note, the forms must be submitted within 120 days of the injury occurring and must be signed by the following people prior to being submitted;


  • Doctor

  • Your Club Secretary

  • ODFA Secretary - Brett Hazzard  - Please contact Brett at to arrange forms to be signed.




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