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E-Score Card FAQs


What is E-Score card?


The E-score card is designed to streamline the recoding of results, enabling results and tables to be updated much quicker than before. 


The submission of the match result is done using a simple form from this website and can be done on a home computer, tablet (Ipad) or even on a smart phone just as the game is finished.


The results are then collated and updated weekly on the ODFA website. The quicker the results are sent in the quicker the results and tables can be updated.


Which team submits the E-Score Card?

Both. The E-score card relies on both teams submitting the results of the match via the ODFA website, so match results can be verified. It is a requirement of ODFA competition rules to submit the E-Score Card results ontime. 

How to register for E-Score Card?

A manager or coach from all teams from Under 12 and up, will need to register to use E-score card. 

To register, please email the E-score card administrator at


What information do I have to enter?

All fields on the form need to be completed (See picture of form below). Once complete hit submit and the e-score card will be submitted.


What happens after the form is submitted?

Once you submit the form, you will then receive an email confirmation that the e-score card has been submitted. A copy of the submitted e-score card will be attached to your email.The e-score administrator will then collate the weekly results, enter the match details into the e-score system and then publish the results to the ODFA web site.


What happens if I make an error?

If you have submitted the form and realise you have made a mistake, do not submit another form. Send an email direct to the E-score administrator at and provide details of what was wrong.


What about the actual match card?

The actual match card still needs to be kept and returned to Sir Jack Brabham Park as per normal ODFA rules.These cards will be collected and checked against the details entered via E-Score card.


Why is a password and verification number required?

The password to e-score card page is designed to prevent people from flooding the e-score system with dummy match results. The name of the person and their email address will be checked against records to verify that the correct person is submitting the e-score card.The verification number is required to prevent spam from passing through the E-score card system.


What if I need help?

If you need help with using the E-score card, send an email direct to the E-score administrator at

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